Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Burda trousers #105 11/2012

Well, so much for more regular posting!

I have actually finished Husband's Christmas shirt recently.  I had four seams to finish off which, although I had been putting off doing them, were not as fiddly as I was expecting. I also top stitched the seam allowance of the armholes which looks rather neat.  The shirt has now had a good pressing, and is hanging in the wardrobe waiting for it's next wear.

I have been to 4 of my sewing classes since my post pondering what I was going to sew.  I have decided on some trousers (#105) from Burda magazine issue 11/2012,

 in bluey grey polyester (probably) crepe:

I spent the morning before my first class going over the correct pattern pieces on the burda sheet with a highlighter (I'm sure I read this on Tilly's post on sewing tips, but it doesn't seem to be there). In the class I did all the tracing  and cutting out of the pattern pieces. We have lovely large cutting surfaces there, which means my paper doesn't slide off the table all the time! The second class I spent pinning out the pattern onto the material very carefully, then noticed that one piece was pinned on the wrong way round, so had to redo. I had to cut everything out before the next class, so I was crawling around the floor in the spare room. The fabric had to be in a single layer so a lot of floor space was used up!

Last weeks lesson was spent starting to baste all the pieces together to assess fit.  I thought when I was cutting out that I may have cut the wrong size, but I think I'll be alright (she said optimistically!) I spent today basting everything except the, er, crotch area.

I'm not sure about the trousers really.  They are not a style I normally go for, but they will stretch my skills somewhat. They have invisible zips at the bottom of the legs, a welt pocket at the back, and a flappy wrappy bit at the front, which will make putting the in zip interesting .  The fabric is going to be tricky to work with I'm sure, so both of these will be a good test. (That reminds me that I need to order an invisible zipper foot for my machine!).  I have nothing to go with these, should they turn out ok - but I am sure that could be remedied.


  1. Finding space to cut out in is such a pain in the neck! Looking forward to seeing how the trousers come out.

  2. I looked at the trousers in my copy of the magazine, so now I know exactly which one it is. I wish I had a cutting space like that at home.

  3. I had great fun cutting out - I kept backing onto the bed and I knocked the ironing board over. The air was the same colour as my fabric!