Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Me Made May16 week 2

Top Row: The oldest make that I still wear - made when I was around 15, updated with an exposed zip in the back a few years ago; Hudson pants v; same Hudsons as yesterday and Stripey short sleeved burda raglan top;

Bottom row: Linen self drafted skirt and poly chiffon Newlook 6895; Friday theme colour block Kristen Kimono tee; copy of rtw top under cardi, Ginger jeans and new unblogged Sewaholic Minoru jacket

In previous years I have struggled to keep warm during MMMay and most of my makes have been hidden from view under other warmer layers.  This year I have managed to wear some of my warmer weather clothes earlier in the month than previous years. I have quite a few me-made items that I haven't worn yet, but the forecast is a bit dodgey for the next few days so I'm sure they will make it out of the wardrobe at some point! 

Last year I noted that I needed more bottom halves for outfits to even out the number of tops I have made.  I have manged to do this without trying too hard - I made a linen skirt using my pattern drafting skills, another pair of Hudsons and most pleasingly, a pair of Ginger Jeans.  The jeans aren't perfect, but they are now my 'nice jeans' and all others have been relegated to everyday or working (gardening/painting etc). I have already got more denim to make some more, but I am not sure whether to stick to the Ginger skinnys or try a different style with  the new Morgan jeans by the same pattern maker, Closet Case Files.

I have been wearing myself out in the garden over the last week so have been recovering with some selfless sewing - a pair of Hudsons for Eldest and a skirt for a friend that I drafted using the info from my pattern cutting class.


  1. I love the fact that you are still wearing a top made as a teenager - brilliant. And well done on the jeans - did you have many fit issues? I'm guessing not as they are your best jeans!
    I fancy having a go at the Birkin jeans - but I seem to have problems getting trousers to fit - see Day 17 on my blog! Gill x

  2. Ace top that you made when you were 15! Impressive that it is still in good condition. I have some crazy dresses that I 'made' when I was 17 / 18 but I couldn't still wear them as they only just go past my bum now - in my defense I always wore thick tights and Doc Martens.
    I love the colours of your me-made clothes such a nice range that work well together.