Friday, 13 May 2016

Warm weather wardrobe for Youngest

I took my two older daughters shopping a couple of weeks before the Easter break to buy bikinis and other warmer weather items for a trip to Lanzarote. Youngest opted not to come - she's not a great shopper and the thought of the other two trying on bikinis was too much!

However, since she has grown so much since last summer, almost nothing fits her any more. She ended up with some hand me downs after the shopping trip, but that still left her with not much and no time to take her shopping separately. I suggested that I make her a few things and got her to look through my patterns and the selection of fabric I had pulled out of the stash.  She took this very seriously and was soon jotting down which pattern, which view, and which fabric! Needless to say she noted down much more than I could possibly sew in the time frame, but it gave me something to work from.  In a week I made:

2 pairs of shorts: One pair used up the last of the coral sweatshirting that I was struggling with in my previous post and the other pair I used an old t-shirt of Husbands that she liked the colour of.

For the t-shirt pair I cheated a little and used the hem of the shirt for the hem of the sorts. I used the True Bias Hudson pant pattern for both and just cut them shorter.  
Mum-made combo!
I got Youngest to try on my original pair of Hudsons and much to my horror they fitted her pretty well, just a bit long in the leg - She is 10! To reduce bulk, particularly in the coral pair I used a pocket tutorial from Meg from Cookin' & Craftin'.

A shirred Sundress: This is the exact copy of a dress that I made for my friends daughter a couple of years ago, same fabric, same tutorial used, just bigger

 A flutter sleeved top: using Simplicity 4589 view B cut in a size 8 and shortened a fraction. The square yoke was tricky to get neat at the corners but nothing a good steam press couldn't fix. I think the interfacing that I used was a bit firm for the style and fabric, but she didn't notice and that's just me being picky.

and lastly, a little Colette Sorbetto top. I cut a size 8? , took the front pleat out due to fabric restrictions, didn't sew the dart in the front and shirred a panel in the back to make it fit a bit better.  I had just enough small pieces to make bias tape of the the same fabric for the neckline and armholes. This was the only one that she didn't wear on the holiday, although she said she did like it.. I am a bit concerned that it will shrink in the wash as I bought the fabric years ago on a whim and was not, at that stage, in the habit of washing any fabric I bought straight away.

So, a nice little selection of things for her to wear!

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  1. These are lovely makes and it is a lovely way for you to create something personal for your daughter. The bonus is you enjoy the process too. Love those hudson pant shorts - they look so comfy!