Tuesday, 12 May 2015

being indecisive....

I am so indecisive!  I have some abstract print jersey left over from a previous make and had decided that I was going to make one of 2 patterns: the Lady Skater dress which I have made before and thought I might give another go, or this pattern from Burdastyle.

Image of The Lady Skater sewing pattern (for teens and women)  Versus 110_0213_b_large

I had pretty much decided that I was going for the Burdastyle dress - I have liked it since I got the magazine, have had the pieces traced out for a year and Middlest pretty much told me not to make because it was too trendy(??!!). I have only seen a couple of these around the Internet and I'm not really sure why.

Then today I was scrolling through my blog roll on Feedly and saw this post from Sew DIY. In it she has made a dress using Simplicity 2443.
Image result for simplicity 2443
I have had this pattern for some time and always thought I would get round to making both the dress and the jacket at some point.

Arrgghh! Inspiration is all well and good, but sometimes it is paralysing! Help!


  1. Ahhhh! It's sometimes difficult to get started. Depends if you want a quick sew (Ladyskater as you have done it before) or something of a new adventure.... They all look pretty cool to me x

  2. I am putting off the decision by finishing off a top I started the other day! I think I have decided, but I probably won't know until I cut * it* out which ever it is!

  3. Cynthia Rowley!!!! I love that pattern!

  4. Although I haven't gotten around to making either (as of yet that is) I once tried to decide between the Lady Skater and the Cynthia Rowley dresses myself. Now that I'm faced with the two again, I'd say the Rowley dress is so very cute!

  5. I think you should try the burda one. I just think it would suit you. Finally I just sold that Cynthia Rowley one!