Saturday, 9 May 2015

Me-Made-May review so far

Here is my first round up for Me-Made-May. This year I am planning to wear me-made items for 5 days out of 7 and to weed out stuff from my wardrobe that I no longer wear. I have worn me-made everyday so far apart from Tuesday as that is the day I go to the gym and I have not made any sports wear!

Day 1
Self drafted dress

Day 2
no photo, but I wore this 'Knock off' top:

Day 3
Same top as yesterday

Day 4
Blue MyImage cowl neck top

Day 5
Colette Jasmine top
Feeling as blurry as the photo at breakfast!

Day 6
I wore an blogged top and as yet have no photos of it or me wearing it!

I also did really well on going through stuff in the first couple of days of May.  I have had a pile of clothes that Youngest has grown out of sitting outside her bedroom door.  The pile has also included various items of mine, and countless outgrown shoes from all family members.  I have been planning to go through the pile and work out what to keep for the fabric, what to offer to my friends daughter, and what to donate to charity. Locally we had a call out for donations to Nepal, specifically asking for warm clothes for adults and children, coats, duvets and towels amongst other things. Our Primary school managed to collect 3 7-seater cars full (with all the seats down) in 2 days and the people at the collections point were so grateful. It was heart warming to see people give so generously and it certainly made me be less sentimental about some of the clothes I gave, because I knew they were going to directly to people who needed them more that me.

As I suspected, my first week of MMMay15 has been mostly tops, and it is still too cold to wear most of them without another layer on top! I am greatly enjoying seeing what other people are wearing in the Flickr group too.

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