Friday, 29 May 2015

Me-Made-May15 review #4

Day 18 Friday 22nd

The Friday theme for today was Animals. We do not have any pets and the squirrels and birds in the garden were a shifty bunch, so no animal photos from me. I realised too late I could have worn one of my Magpie tops...but I wore this instead an unblogged Bronte top

Day 19 Saturday 23rd,
No photo, but wore sludgy green Burda top 2/2013 #127

Day 20 Sunday 24th
Repeat of yesterday .... but with a very poor late night photo:

Day 21 Monday 25th
Inpromptu day out to Lords for the last day of the test match for Husband's birthday treat, with dinner at Pizza Express whilst waiting for our train
I wore my abstract top:

He wore one of the shirts I have made for him:

Day 22 Tuesday 26th
I went to the gym wearing my new unblogged True Bias Hudson Pants:

Day 23 Wednesday 27th
Burda Magpie top

Day 24 Thursday 28th
Self drafted skirt and unblogged Burdastyle top 2/2013 #127 combo, changed out of my skirt into my Hudson pants in the evening
Observations this week are that I have managed to get a couple of bottom half items in the mix and have worn me mades every day. My other observation is that I really need to get my hair cut - fortunately I have a cut and colour coming up next week, so I should be looking a bit more vibrant soon.
I have just about been keeping up with Flickr, but gave up on the pinterest site. My blog reader has had several more blogs added over the course of this month. It is so interesting seeing other people, in their lives, wearing things they have made!

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