Saturday, 23 May 2015

Me-Made-May review #3

Me-Made May review number 3 starts here:

Day 12 Friday 15th

Theme Friday I think I wore my abstract jersey top and completely forgot about Theme Friday

Day 13 Saturday 16th

brand new unblogged top Kirsten Kimono Hack

Day 14 Sunday 17th

Magpie Kirsten Kimono Tee

Day 15 Monday

Geometric cowl top no picture today

Day 16 Wednesday 20th

Chevron skirt.
The outfit laid out in the linked post is exactly how I wore it on this day!

Day 17 Thursday 21st

Cowl Renfrew and Husband in one of his shirts made by me

Six out of seven this week, but I have not been so good at documenting my Me Mades this week for some reason.  I have still been going through some of the stuff I have accumulated 'because I might use the fabric for something'. I have been a bit more ruthless than I usually am in throwing stuff out, but I have also repurposed some of the things that I have had for a while.  The new Kirsten Kimono Tee hack at the top of this post used an old t-shirt of Youngest's that she grew out of before she had worn it much. I am also working on a couple of other things where the fabric is coming from PJ's and Tee's of Husband's. Being a XX or XXXL kind of bloke, there is a lot of fabric in one of his tee's!

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