Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Me-May-May review #2

Me-Made May review #2:

Day 7 (friday 8th)
 Plantain Tee under my hoodie. This was the first Theme Friday and was 'Your sewing Space' so I thought I would show the mechines I have at my disposal - so I have here a treadle Singer that was converted to electirc from my M-i-L's mother, my elna overlocker, my 16yr old Elna (behind my head), my new Janome (on box), my daughters John Lewis mini machine and an old Elna portable/travel machine.

Day 8 Saturday 9th

Unblogged top burdastyle 02/2013 #127

Day 9 Sunday 10th
Plantain Tee - no picture

Day 10 Monday 11th
Burda Magpie top - no picture

Day 11 Wednesday 13th

Blue MyImage cowl top & Simplicity skirt

Tuesday was not MMM as I go to the gym on Tuedays and Thursday was a no go as I was just grumpy and had a lot of stuff in the wash!

My MMM observation so far is that I have a lot of tops!  and have more to come... Some people would rather make a dress if they have enough fabric, but I don't seem to wear the dresses I have that much, so will get much more use out of a top. More effort required on making bottoms I think!


  1. Enjoying seeing your MMM and getting a glimpse into your world!! You're clearly a practical sewist, sewing tops that you actually wear. And also that are much more seasonally adaptable than dresses 😊

  2. I love you flowery Simplicity skirt. I too have noticed that i'm on 100% separates for MMM so far this month!

    1. Love these peeps into your world. I had a travel've made me go all sentimental. I like your tops x